Connected Series Bluetooth Water Softener

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Jackie G.
Great water softener

Had this water softener running for a couple months now. We had a professional plumber install it for us, which only took a couple hours. We also added a sediment filter before the softener. The instructions were not the greatest but after pouring over them and finding YouTube videos it wasn’t too hard to figure out everything. We are using potassium, which requires some setting adjustments but the whole system is running really well and has made a big difference. Our water hardness was 24 grains (400 ppm) and after install dropped to almost unmeasurable on the test strip.

Jeff L.
Great Replacement Water Softner

Had to replace our Culligan system after over 30 years of faithful service.

Kristen B.
Add to's worth it!

So, I'm not one to write reviews, but I thought this product was worth the time. Save your money...don't buy from a culligan dealer. Culligan quoted me at $2500 for a new system, and this one was a third of the price. I did plenty of research on soft water systems, and this one seemed like the best bang for the buck, especially with the 10% resin. Now if your house doesn't already have a system installed, you may want to look into having someone put it in. Most people including myself don't want to waste softened water on the yard or don't enjoy the taste of soft water. So you may need to run some separate lines for these places.

Alfredo F.
Well made! High quality, durable and easy install. Read directions....

The directions were clear cut. Very straightforward to install. All components were there. But most importantly plenty of information for setting up the computer. Excellent product would definitely recommend and or buy it again. You can’t get much better than Fleck (Pentair) . It’s one of the top three water softeners in the world Have had Fleck for 20 years , this is my second only due to buying another home, with no problems. Has worked flawlessly. You get what you pay for! . If you want cheap, you get cheap. This is not cheaply made nor does it perform cheaply! 20-27 years... Great residential water softener. Install with shark bites! You’ll love it. Used a surge protector and separate gfi receptacle....on mine . Peace of mind

Bert D.
Almost too good

This water softener is exactly what I expected. I had an all-in-one unit from a big box store that we needed to replace cuz it crapped out on us. This unit is way better for only about $150 more. Very happy.