VIQUA UV Ultraviolet Light Water Sterilizing Treatment

Size: VIQUA-S2Q-PA UV Sterilizer 3 gpm Whole House Ultraviolet Light Water Sterilizing Treatment
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 UV Sterilizer Water Treatment


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Jennifer T.
Works Great!

Works great and very easy to install. Will need to buy a few plumbing supplies. No more smelly water.

Walter R.
Zap Your Well Water

My wife found this first and told me about it. Did I research and read a lot of reviews? Yes! We got a positive coliform result back from a water sample I submitted to the lab. I already had a filter and an electric device in the hot water heater to replace the anode rod. It had been working ok and eliminated a lot of the sulfur smell. All other tests came back ok. So, I bought this system and installed it. I also installed an extra filter into the system. There's nothing difficult about doing this. Just measure where you want to install it, plan it out, go to your local hardware store and get what you need. I waited a few days then took another sample for the lab and everything came back with glowing results! No coliform and no e-coli. The UV light is zapping everything plus the smell is negligible.

James C.
Highly surprised and super thankful I took the chance. Great quality and awesome packing job.

I’m not a plumber but was east enough to install myself and saved $1000 for someone else to install it. I had issues passing my water test, one week with this system and past with flying colors.

Charles D.
Very solid and well-designed

We added this to the filtration system for our RV/Tiny house and found it to be very solid and easy to install.

Edgar R.

Have it mounted and it looks great, still have a lot to do before I can get it running, but im excited. Came super early too.

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