Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer

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Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer: A Comprehensive Overview

Water treatment systems play an indispensable role in modern households and commercial spaces. The effectiveness of these systems often hinges on the quality and capability of their control valves and timers. The Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer stands out as an exemplar of reliability and efficiency in this domain. In this article, we'll explore the features, benefits, and applications of the Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer.


The Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer is an integral component of the renowned Fleck 5600 control valve series, designed to manage the regeneration cycles of water softeners and filters. This timer is lauded for its user-friendly interface and durability, making it a top choice among water treatment professionals.

Key Features:

  1. Mechanical Design: Unlike more modern digital timers, the L-Back Timer retains a mechanical interface. This design ensures longevity and is less prone to malfunctions due to power surges or other electronic issues.

  2. Simplicity: The timer's design prioritizes ease-of-use. Users can easily set the time, choose the regeneration days, and adjust other essential settings with minimal hassle.

  3. Regeneration Control: The timer allows users to set specific days for regeneration, ensuring that the system operates efficiently based on actual water usage patterns.

  4. Power Backup: The L-Back Timer boasts a built-in power backup feature, ensuring that your settings remain intact even during power outages.

  5. Durable Construction: Staying true to the Fleck brand, this timer is built to last, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.


  1. Reliability: Mechanical timers, like the L-Back, tend to have fewer components that can fail compared to their digital counterparts, making them more reliable in the long run.

  2. Consistent Performance: The timer ensures that regeneration cycles are consistent, maintaining water quality and prolonging the lifespan of the resin or filter media.

  3. Cost-Effective: Given its durability and reduced need for maintenance, the L-Back Timer offers an economically sound choice.

  4. User-Friendly: Its straightforward design means even those unfamiliar with water treatment systems can set and adjust it without difficulty.


The Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer is predominantly used in residential water treatment systems, especially:

  • Water softeners: To control the regeneration of ion-exchange resins.
  • Backwashing filters: To manage the cleaning cycles of media-based systems, such as carbon filters or sediment filters.

Installation and Maintenance:

While the Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer is designed for user-friendly installation, it's always wise to refer to the manufacturer's instructions or enlist the help of a professional. Regularly checking the timer for wear or misalignments can help in preempting potential issues. Given its mechanical nature, there's less to worry about in terms of software glitches or electronic failures.


The Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer offers an efficient, reliable, and straightforward solution for managing the cycles of water treatment systems. Its mechanical design, combined with the trusted Fleck brand backing, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking consistency and durability. Whether you're upgrading an existing system or setting up a new one, the L-Back Timer stands as a testament to Fleck's commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

FL56L/16-0.0, Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer, 24V, w/Cover, 560001-006



Supplier: Pentair Water Filtration- Valve Div.
Combines rugged, glass-reinforced Noryl construction with modular design which makes disassembly quick and easy. Seven cycles with adjustable brine flow is efficient and reliable. Flow rates up to 20 gpm. Backwash capacity handles up to 12" diameter softeners, 10" diameter filters. Choose from a wide range of options, including standard or “L” backplates, meter- or timer-initiated regeneration, 3/4" and 1" yokes, by-pass valves, etc. Backwash flow control button sold separately. A 24k label provided with meter valves.
3.50 lbs per EA

Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer: Installation and Programming Instructions

Installing and programming the Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer can seem complex, but with a structured approach, the process becomes straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide to aid in the setup and programming of this mechanical timer.

Note: This is a general guide. Always refer to the manufacturer's manual, and consider seeking assistance from a professional for installation and setup.


  1. Selecting the Right Spot:

    • Choose an installation location close to the control valve and ensure the area remains dry and free from freezing temperatures.
  2. Power Supply:

    • Ensure the timer is close to a power outlet suitable for the transformer provided with the Fleck system.
  3. Attaching the Timer:

    • Turn off the power to the control valve.
    • Position the timer onto the backplate of the control valve.
    • Secure it in place using the screws provided.
  4. Electrical Connections:

    • Connect the timer's wire harness to the control valve. Ensure connections are secure and properly aligned.
    • Plug the transformer into an electrical outlet.


  1. Setting the Current Time:

    • Locate the clock dial on the timer.
    • Turn the 24-hour clock dial until the current time aligns with the indicator or reference point.
  2. Setting Regeneration Time:

    • Determine a suitable regeneration time (typically set for periods of low water usage, e.g., 2:00 AM).
    • Adjust the regeneration time pointer (often a different color or clearly marked) to the chosen time.
  3. Setting Days for Regeneration:

    • The timer's skipper wheel has pins or notches representing days.
    • By raising or lowering these pins, you can set the days on which regeneration should occur.
    • For example, to set regeneration every 3 days, you'd raise every third pin.
  4. Initiating Manual Regeneration:

    • If you wish to start a regeneration cycle outside the set times, rotate the manual regeneration knob (usually located near the clock dial). The system will begin its regeneration process.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Regular Checks: Periodically check the timer for any signs of wear, misalignment, or dirt accumulation.

  2. Power Interruptions: In case of power outages, remember to reset the clock dial to the correct time once power is restored.

  3. Manual Regeneration: If you notice a drop in water quality or softness, initiate a manual regeneration and check if the issue resolves.

  4. Professional Assistance: If the timer isn't triggering regeneration cycles or if there are other operational issues, it might be time for a professional inspection.


The Fleck 5600 L-Back Timer, with its mechanical design, offers a reliable and efficient means to manage the regeneration cycles of water treatment systems. Proper installation and programming are pivotal for optimal performance. While the above guide provides a general overview, always refer to the detailed manufacturer's manual for specific guidance tailored to your model. Regular maintenance and a keen eye for potential issues will ensure the system's longevity and consistent water quality.

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