Sand Trap Water Retention Tank

Size: Sand Trap 8" x 35" well sediment filter clogging solution
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Sand Trap Systems

The Sand Trap is a unique way to separate and settle out sand, shale, and oxidized organics found in some water supplies. We are able to do this by running the water through an internal swirl chamber and then into a diverting plate. This will allow the heavier particles to settle to the bottom of the tank for blowdown.


A Sand Trap Water Retention Tank is generally used for stormwater management and erosion control. Below is a general explanation of the use of sand trap water retention tanks:


  1. Stormwater Management:
    • Sand trap water retention tanks help in managing stormwater runoff by capturing and holding water, allowing it to be released slowly back into the environment or drainage system. This helps in preventing flooding and erosion by controlling the volume and speed of water flow.
  2. Erosion Control:
    • By slowing down the flow of water, these tanks help in reducing the erosion of soil, which can be caused by fast-flowing water. This is particularly important in areas prone to heavy rainfall or where the landscape is vulnerable to erosion.
  3. Water Treatment:
    • Sand trap water retention tanks can also play a role in water treatment. They allow sediment and other pollutants to settle out of the water before it is released, helping to improve water quality.


  1. Water Capture:
    • The tanks capture runoff water, often from rainfall, that flows over surfaces like roads, roofs, and other impermeable surfaces.
  2. Sediment Settlement:
    • As the water is held in the tank, heavier particles, such as sand and sediment, settle to the bottom of the tank.
  3. Controlled Release:
    • The water is then released slowly from the tank, helping to manage the volume of water in the drainage system and the environment.


  • Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the effective operation of sand trap water retention tanks. This may include removing accumulated sediment and ensuring that the release mechanisms are functioning correctly.


  • Sand trap water retention tanks are used in various settings, including urban, industrial, and residential areas, where effective stormwater management and erosion control are needed.

In conclusion, sand trap water retention tanks are crucial infrastructure for managing water flow, preventing erosion, and improving water quality by allowing sediments and pollutants to settle before the water is released back into the environment or drainage system.

This is a general explanation, and the specifics can vary based on the design and model of the sand trap water retention tank. For detailed information about a specific sand trap water retention tank, it is best to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or technical specifications.


  • No backwashing needed
  • No electric required
  • 5-year warranty on tank and head assembly
  • No moving parts
  • No filter cartridges to clean or replace
  • High flow rate 24 G.P.M
  • 1'' in and out

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Peter Lunde

Cannot comment, because I have not received sand trap tank yet. Almost four weeks since ordering.

Henry F.
Filters Well

Filter works well filtering my well water. It doesn’t come with anyway to mount that I seen. Easy to clean filter just a little hard to line up canister after cleaning filter. Would be nice if it came with a mounting bracket.

Jeffery E.
Easy to install, and does a good job filtering

Easy to install, and does a good job filtering Sediments before the water enters my well pump

Dennis B.
Works well!

Works very well!

Jennifer G.
Well built and easy to use

Quality construction and thoughtfulness in design and included accessories. I use to filter out a fountain basin with an electric pump.

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