System Size Calculator

Iron and Sulfur System Size Calculator

Understanding Your Results

Once you have filled out all the fields in the Iron and Sulfur System Size Calculator and clicked the "Calculate" button, you will see a result displayed below the button.

1. Recommended System Size: This is the main result of the calculator. It is a numerical value followed by the unit of measurement (either mg/L or ppm, depending on your selection). This number represents the suggested size of the iron and sulfur filtration system needed for your water supply based on the hardness, iron level, and sulfur level you entered.

  • Lower Values (0 - 5 units): This typically indicates that your water has relatively low levels of iron, sulfur, and hardness. A smaller filtration system may be sufficient for your needs.

  • Moderate Values (5 - 10 units): This range suggests a moderate level of contaminants in your water. You might need a medium-sized filtration system to effectively treat your water.

  • Higher Values (10+ units): This suggests that your water has high levels of iron, sulfur, and hardness. A larger, more robust filtration system may be necessary to ensure your water is properly treated.

2. Error Messages: If you see an error message instead of a result, it means there was an issue with the inputs you provided. Common error messages might include:

  • "Please fill out all fields." This means you left one or more of the input fields empty. Make sure to fill in all fields and try calculating again.

3. What to Do Next: Based on your system size result, you can start looking for filtration systems that match your needs. If you’re unsure about which product to choose, we recommend reaching out to a professional or a customer service representative with your results on hand for personalized advice.

How Accurate Are the Results?

The calculator provides an estimate based on the values you enter. For the most accurate assessment of your water treatment needs, we recommend getting a professional water test and consultation.


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