Uni-Dose Series UD Chemical Metering Pump

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Uni-Dose Series UD Chem. Pump

Ensure Precision and Reliability with the Uni-Dose Series UD Chemical Metering Pump

Introducing the Uni-Dose Series UD Chemical Metering Pump - your ultimate solution for accurate and reliable chemical dosing in various applications. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this pump is designed to cater to your specific metering needs, ensuring a consistent and controlled chemical delivery in every operation.

🔍 Key Features:

  • Accurate Dosing: Ensure precise chemical delivery with adjustable stroke frequency and length.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous use and harsh chemical interactions.
  • Easy Installation and Operation: User-friendly design with straightforward setup and operation.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for water treatment, pools, industrial processes, and more.
  • Safety Compliance: Adheres to stringent safety and quality standards.

🌊 Unparalleled Performance in Various Applications: The Uni-Dose Series UD Pump excels in a myriad of environments, from industrial water treatment to precise chemical dosing in manufacturing processes. Its robust construction and accurate dosing capabilities make it a preferred choice among professionals in various fields.

🛠 Easy Maintenance and Operation: With its intuitive design and accessible components, maintenance is a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance throughout its lifecycle. The pump also features safeguards to prevent over-dosing and ensure consistent chemical delivery, protecting your systems and processes from potential inconsistencies or damages.

🌿 Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective Solution: Optimize your chemical usage and minimize waste with the Uni-Dose Pump, contributing to eco-friendly operations and reducing operational costs. Its energy-efficient design also ensures minimal power consumption, aligning with sustainable practices.

💡 Ideal for:

  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Chemical Dosing
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Agricultural Chemical Distribution
  • Laboratory Use

🌎 Trust in Uni-Dose for Reliable and Sustainable Chemical Metering Solutions Choose the Uni-Dose Series UD Chemical Metering Pump for a dependable, precise, and sustainable chemical dosing solution, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations. Explore our range of accessories and compatible products to create a comprehensive chemical management system tailored to your needs.

Uni-Dose Series UD Chemical Metering Pump, 1.0 -24 GPD, Variable Speed, PVC Head, 115 Volt

Universal Solution Introducing the universal Uni-Dose® Series UD chemical metering pump, engineered to address common well water treatment requirements. This single model does it all at an affordable price. Its simplified design makes it easier than ever to install, maintain, and operate.

Water treatment accuracy has never been easier! Versatile & Flexible A single-speed control knob provides easy, accurate adjustment over the entire operating range.

Precise capacity control from 1 to 24 gallons per day (4 to 90 LPD) at 80 psi (5.5 bar), with speeds up to 160 SPM. A full range of performance, delivered by a single pump model.

Quiet & Convenient The advanced noise reduction design makes the UD pump ideal for residential water conditioning applications. The new integrated FastPrime™ priming valve allows for a fast and easy start-up.

Durable & Reliable Totally enclosed NEMA 4X/ IP65 housing provides superior protection in either indoor or outdoor installations with UV and heat resistance to 122°F (50°C). A universal 115-230V, 50/60Hz power supply with internal varistor and fuse protects the unit from power surge damage.

Uni-Dose® is built to last.

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