Pentair Autotrol 255/460 Control Head

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Pentair Autotrol 255/460 Control Head


The Autotrol 255 460 Series, if it is a water softener control valve as speculated, plays a crucial role in residential water softening systems. Below is a general explanation of how it might be used in a residential setting, based on typical water softener control valves:

Residential Use of Autotrol 255 460 Series

  1. Installation:

    • The Autotrol 255 460 Series control valve would be installed as part of a water softening system in a home.
    • It would be connected to the home's water supply line, allowing it to control the flow of water through the softening system.
  2. Operation:

    • The control valve automatically manages the flow of water through the water softener.
    • It ensures that water is directed through the resin tank where hardness ions are exchanged for sodium ions, softening the water.
    • The control valve may also manage the regeneration cycle, ensuring that the resin is periodically cleaned and refreshed for optimal performance.
  3. User Interface:

    • Residents can set the control valve settings based on their water usage and hardness levels.
    • The control valve may have features for setting the regeneration schedule and other operational parameters.
  4. Benefits:

    • Consistent Soft Water: Ensures that the household has a consistent supply of soft water, which is gentler on plumbing, appliances, and skin.
    • Efficiency: Automated control valves like the Autotrol 255 460 Series ensure that the water softener operates efficiently, regenerating as needed and minimizing water and salt usage.
    • Ease of Use: Automated controls make it easy for residents to manage their water softener without needing to manually control the regeneration cycle or other aspects of the operation.
  5. Maintenance:

    • The control valve may have diagnostic features to alert residents to any issues with the water softener system.
    • Regular maintenance of the control valve and the entire water softening system ensures reliable and effective operation
  • Features:
    • Automated Controls: Allow for easy setting and forget operation.
    • Durable Construction: Ensures long-lasting performance.
    • Efficient Operation: Helps in the efficient functioning of the water softening system.
  • Benefits:
    • Improved Water Quality: Helps in removing hardness from water.
    • Extended Appliance Life: Soft water can extend the life of appliances by preventing scale buildup.
    • Energy Savings: Soft water requires less energy for heating.
  • Applications:
    • Residential: Used in homes for providing soft water.
    • Commercial: Used in businesses where soft water is needed.
    • Industrial: Used in industries requiring water with low mineral content.

While the above explanation is based on general characteristics of water softener control valves, it's important to refer to the specific product manual or manufacturer's guidelines for accurate and detailed information about the Autotrol 255 460 Series.

Item #: 2546TC-BB00


Pentair Water Filtration
Autotrol 255/460 Control, 6-Day Autotrol 255 Valve with 460tc 6-Day Time Clock Controller W/ Cover


  • 5.12 lbs per EA


  1. Location:

    • Choose a suitable location for the water softener and control head, typically near the main water supply line.
  2. Connection:

    • Connect the control head to the water softener tank.
    • Attach the inlet and outlet water connections to the control head, ensuring they are securely fastened to prevent leaks.
  3. Drain Line:

    • Connect a drain line to the control head to allow for the discharge of water during the regeneration cycle.
  4. Bypass Valve:

    • Install a bypass valve to allow water to bypass the softener if needed.
  5. Power Supply:

    • Connect the control head to a suitable power supply as per the manufacturer's specifications.


  1. Set Time and Date:

    • Enter the current time and date into the control head's interface.
  2. Water Hardness Level:

    • Input the water hardness level, which can be obtained through a water test.
  3. Regeneration Settings:

    • Set the regeneration frequency and time based on your water usage and the capacity of your water softener.
  4. Flow Rates:

    • Adjust the flow rates if necessary, based on the specifications of your plumbing system and water softener.
  5. Diagnostics:

    • Some control heads have diagnostic features that allow you to monitor the system and ensure it is operating correctly

Again, these are general steps and should not be used as a definitive guide for the Autotrol 255/460 Control Head. Always refer to the manufacturer's official installation and programming guide to ensure that the control head is correctly installed and programmed for optimal performance and to maintain the validity of the product warranty.

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