Pre Filter Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

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Bob L.
Get it now

A must!!! Do yourself and family a favor and get this whole home filter. With all the crappola in water now a days this is a must have. I had Culligan install it when they installed a new softener. Very easy to install if you know what your doing.

Luciano D.
This filter does the job with ease

Installed a "Tannin" cartridge filter element, and now my water is crystal clear, and it was an easy mounting with the hardware enclosed.

Adam K.
A great filter cannister

Easy to Install. Threaded on 1 inch pvc fitting, attached 1 inch pipe. Done. No leaks. Hung from plywood with supplied bracket. Using a 5 micron filter on an extremely dirty well, with a pump pushing 5 thousand gallons per hour thru 1 inch pipe. Clean water. No leaks. Quality and value are great.

Jonathan W.
Great product for the price point.

Really decent product for the price. Don't believe all the reviews that it leaks. You just have to use both pipe tape and dope. Wrap 3-5 times with Teflon tape then coat with pipe dope. Tighten it up and good to go.

Wayne G.
Works fine at low pressure

I know the disclaimer states a max PSI rating, and trust me if you get it anywhere near it this unit leaks like crazy. At normal pressure 25-50 PSI it's fine but when my well pump kicks in and faucets are open the pressure sometimes goes above 60psi and this thing starts dripping, above 60 and it leaks really bad. So if you know your pressure will always be below 50 than you're fine.