Pentek Inline Drinking Water Carbon Filter

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Pentek Filter Inline Carbon Filter
Drinking water filter housings come in different sizes and styles to hold a variety of water filters based on flow rate, connection size, and connection type.


  • Blue
  • 1"
  • N
  • Y
  • Big Blue
  • 10"

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Jerry F.
Just What I Needed

Just What I Needed

Jose M.
This is the size for a typical house

These 10-inch Pentek enclosures are a perfect size for a whole house filter. It has 1" inlet/outlets but they are easily reduced down to 3/4" with a reducer or a bushing, if required. There is also a 3/4" inlet/outlet model but make sure that the prices are similar, because the price of this 1" model was much lower than 3/4" when I bought it.

Kyle F.
Very important to lubricate before re-assembly

I like these housing units and have two of them, but it can be a bit tricky to re-assemble after replacing the cartidge. I have found that it is essential to completely lubricate the o-ring and the threads, otherwise the seal is poor and there is a lot of leaking after the water is turned back on. I think in our case we have a lot of iron in the water, which adheres to the o-ring and makes it bind when screwing the blue housing back into the top part of the filter. If the o-ring becomes distorted, it does not seal well. The recommended silicone lubricant is expensive and hard to find. I have been using petroleum jelly (less than $2 for a big jar at any drug store) with no issues. For me at least, there was no need to lubricate on first use, as the o-ring was new and clean. But on two subsequent occasions when I tried to replace the filter cartridge and didn't bother to lubricate, I had a very difficult time getting it to re-seal. Lubrication resolves this difficulty completely.

Butch B.

10 years ago, installed a SEARS filter that looks the same, just not pretty blue.

Mike S.
Great sytem

Works fine. You have to use the little tube of grease that came with it on the rubber seal (just a thin coat) so that it doesn’t “bunch” the rubber up, causing it to leak.

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