Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve

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Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve

The Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve is a high-performance control valve designed for medium to large water treatment systems. It is engineered for durability, efficiency, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for various water treatment applications.

Description and Application:

  1. Robust Design:

    • The Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve is built with robust materials to withstand heavy-duty use in various environments.
  2. Versatile Applications:

    • It is suitable for both commercial and industrial water treatment systems, including water softeners and filtration units.
  3. High Flow Rates:

    • Designed to handle high flow rates, making it ideal for applications requiring a large volume of treated water.
  4. Efficient Operation:

    • Ensures efficient and reliable operation of water treatment systems, providing consistent water quality.


  1. Commercial Settings:

    • Ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments that require a consistent supply of treated water.
  2. Industrial Environments:

    • Suitable for various industrial applications where high-quality water is essential for operations and processes.

Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve Diagnostics:

Diagnostics is a crucial aspect of maintaining the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve's optimal performance and longevity. Proper diagnostic procedures can help identify issues early, ensuring timely resolution and preventing further damage or inefficiency. Below is a guide to understanding the diagnostic procedures for the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve:

Common Issues and Diagnostic Steps:

  1. Valve Not Regenerating:

    • Diagnostic Steps:
      • Check the timer settings to ensure they are correctly programmed.
      • Inspect the power supply to the timer to ensure it is functioning.
      • Examine the valve for any mechanical obstructions or issues.
  2. Water Leakage:

    • Diagnostic Steps:
      • Inspect all connections to ensure they are securely fitted and sealed.
      • Examine the valve body for any cracks or damage that may be causing leaks.
  3. Inefficient Water Softening or Filtration:

    • Diagnostic Steps:
      • Ensure the valve settings are correctly programmed for your water conditions and system capacity.
      • Check the water treatment system for any issues or maintenance needs, such as salt bridging in a softener or filter media replacement.
  4. Unusual Noises or Operation:

    • Diagnostic Steps:
      • Inspect the valve for any visible damage or wear.
      • Listen for unusual noises and try to identify their source for further investigation.

Advanced Diagnostic Procedures:

  1. System Pressure Checks:

    • Monitor the water pressure in the system to ensure it is within the recommended range.
  2. Timer and Control Checks:

    • Test the timer and control settings to ensure they are functioning correctly and maintaining the programmed settings.
  3. Component Inspection:

    • Regularly inspect all components of the valve for wear, damage, or malfunction, ensuring timely replacement or repair.
  4. Professional Assessment:

    • If unable to diagnose or resolve issues, seek a professional assessment from a qualified technician.

Maintenance Tips for Optimal Performance:

  1. Regular Inspection:

    • Regularly inspect the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve and associated system for any signs of issues or needed maintenance.
  2. Timely Repairs:

    • Ensure timely repairs or replacements for any damaged or worn components.
  3. Proper Settings:

    • Regularly review and ensure the valve settings are correctly programmed for optimal performance.
  4. Professional Maintenance:

    • Schedule regular professional maintenance checks to ensure the system is operating efficiently and to identify and resolve any issues early.

Proper diagnostics for the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve is essential for maintaining its efficiency, performance, and longevity. Regular inspection, timely repairs, and adherence to recommended settings and maintenance procedures will contribute to the reliable and effective operation of the valve and the associated water treatment system. Ensuring a thorough and consistent diagnostic approach will help in preventing issues, ensuring optimal water treatment, and enhancing the overall performance and lifespan of the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve and the water treatment system it controls.


  1. Turn Off the Water Supply:

    • Start by turning off the water supply to prevent water flow during the installation process.
  2. Position the Valve:

    • Place the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve on the top of the tank, ensuring it is securely fitted.
  3. Connect Plumbing:

    • Connect the plumbing to the valve, ensuring all connections are tight and secure.
  4. Attach Bypass or Yoke:

    • Attach the bypass or yoke to the valve as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Connect Drain Line:

    • Securely connect the drain line to the valve.
  6. Turn On the Water Supply:

    • Gradually turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks. Make adjustments as necessary.


  1. Access the Control Panel:

    • Access the control panel on the valve to begin the programming process.
  2. Set Time and Day:

    • Set the current time and day on the control panel.
  3. Program Regeneration Cycles:

    • Program the regeneration cycles based on your water usage and system capacity.
  4. Enter Additional Settings:

    • Enter any additional settings as per your specific water treatment system and requirements.
  5. Save Settings:

    • Ensure to save all the settings entered to ensure the valve operates as programmed.

Tips for Successful Installation and Programming:

  1. Refer to the Manufacturer’s Manual:

    • Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for detailed instructions and specifications.
  2. Ensure Proper Sealing:

    • Ensure all connections are properly sealed to prevent leaks and ensure efficient operation.
  3. Test the System:

    • After installation and programming, test the system to ensure it is operating correctly.
  4. Seek Professional Assistance:

    • If unsure about the installation or programming process, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional plumber or water treatment technician.


In conclusion, the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve is a reliable and efficient control valve for various commercial and industrial water treatment applications. Proper installation and programming are essential for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of the valve and the associated water treatment system. Following the above steps and tips, along with referring to the manufacturer’s instructions, will help in achieving a successful installation and programming process, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of the Fleck 3150/1800 Timer Valve and the water treatment system it controls.

Item #: FL315/18-0.0



  • Timer
  • 3150
  • 1800
  • 42.02 lbs per EA
Supplier: Pentair Water Filtration- Valve Div.

3200 12 Day Timer, Downflow Softener, U.S. Transformer, 24V/60Hz, Hardwater Bypass, 1800 Brine Valve, #8 Injector, Environmental Cover W/ Clear Window, EPDM/NITRILE Seals, Less Adapter Base, Test Ports with Plugs, Parts Kit w/ Manual, Less Drain Line Flow Control (DLFC), Less Brine Line Flow Control (BLFC)

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