Fleck 2900 Control Head

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Fleck 2900 Control Head


The Fleck 2900 and NXT2 Control are components used in water treatment systems, particularly in industrial and commercial settings. Below is a detailed explanation of each and their industrial applications:

Fleck 2900:

  1. Definition:

    • The Fleck 2900 is a type of control valve used in commercial and industrial water softeners and filtration systems.
    • It is designed to handle high flow rates and operate efficiently in demanding environments.
  2. Features:

    • It typically has a robust and durable construction to withstand heavy use.
    • It is designed for ease of service with minimal maintenance requirements.
    • It can be used with various types of water treatment systems, including softeners and filters.
  3. Industrial Applications:

    • Water Softening: Used in industrial water softeners to control the flow of water through the system, ensuring efficient softening of water used in manufacturing processes, cooling systems, and other industrial applications.
    • Water Filtration: Employed in water filtration systems to remove contaminants from water used in industrial processes, helping to protect equipment and ensure product quality.

NXT2 Control:

  1. Definition:

    • The NXT2 Control is a microprocessor-based control system used in water treatment equipment.
    • It provides advanced control over water treatment processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  2. Features:

    • Offers precise control over various water treatment processes.
    • It typically includes features for easy programming and monitoring of the water treatment system.
    • It may include connectivity options for remote monitoring and control.
  3. Industrial Applications:

    • Process Control: Used in various industrial water treatment processes to ensure that they operate efficiently and reliably, providing high-quality water for various uses.
    • Remote Monitoring: Allows for remote monitoring and control of water treatment systems, helping to ensure optimal operation and minimize downtime.
    • Integration: Can be integrated with other control systems and equipment in industrial settings to provide comprehensive control over water treatment and other related processes.

Combined Industrial Applications:

When used together in a water treatment system, the Fleck 2900 valve and NXT2 Control can provide efficient and reliable water treatment for various industrial applications, including:

  • Manufacturing: Ensuring a consistent supply of treated water for use in manufacturing processes.
  • Cooling Systems: Providing softened and filtered water to prevent scaling and corrosion in industrial cooling systems.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Ensuring the quality and safety of water used in food and beverage production.
  • Chemical Processing: Providing high-quality water for use in chemical processing applications.
  • Fleck 2900 and NXT2 Control are essential components in industrial water treatment systems, offering robust control and reliability to meet the demands of various industrial applications.



Fleck 2900 NXT2 Control, Less Meter, Downflow Softener, U.S. Power Supply, 24VDC, NO Hardwater Bypass, 1700 Brine Valve, #6 Injector, 2.0 GPM BLFC, Environmental Cover W/ Clear Window, EPDM/NITRILE Seals, 1/8” Test Ports with Plugs, 1/2” Brine Fitting, Parts Kit w/Manual, Less Drain Line Flow Control (DLFC), Less Electronic Meter Cable, w/Comm Cable, AUX Switch Lower Drive


  • Power Supply, Comm Cable
  • NXT2
  • 2900
  • 30.00 lbs per EA

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