Autotrol 255/460i Ctrl 3/4

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Autotrol 255/460i Ctrl 3/4 Elec.


The Pentair 255/460i Ctrl 3/4 Electric likely refers to a water softener control system that includes the Autotrol 255 valve and the 460i electronic demand controller, with a 3/4" connection size for the plumbing.


  1. Autotrol 255 Valve:

    • Manages the flow of water through the water softening system.
    • Controls the regeneration cycle to refresh the resin in the system.
  2. 460i Electronic Demand Controller:

    • Automates the operation of the water softener.
    • Monitors water usage and initiates the regeneration cycle as needed.
  3. 3/4" Connections:

    • Suitable for plumbing systems with a 3/4" pipe size.
    • Ensures a secure and leak-free connection to the home's water supply and distribution system.


  1. Automated Operation:

    • The 460i controller automates the water softening process, ensuring the system operates efficiently and provides a consistent supply of soft water.
  2. Efficient Regeneration:

    • The system regenerates based on water usage, conserving water and salt by regenerating only when necessary.
  3. Compatibility:

    • The 3/4" connections make it compatible with standard residential plumbing systems.


  1. Improved Water Quality:

    • Provides a consistent supply of soft water, improving water quality for various household uses.
  2. Ease of Use:

    • The electronic controller makes it easy to manage the water softener, with minimal user intervention required.
  3. Efficient Operation:

    • Operates efficiently, conserving water and salt and reducing operating costs.


The Pentair 255/460i Ctrl 3/4 Electric is suitable for residential applications where efficient and reliable water softening is required.

Item #: 2546-BB00-CE


Pentair Water Filtration

Autotrol 255/460i Ctrl 3/4 Elec. w/Cover Autotrol 255 Valve with 460i Electronic Demand Controller with Cover "B" Injector


  • 5.06 lbs per EA

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