460TC Electronic Time Clock

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460TC Electronic Time Clock

The 460TC Electronic Time Clock is a modern, microprocessor-based control system used for various applications, including water softening and filtration systems. Below is a detailed description of the 460TC Electronic Time Clock and its features and benefits:


  1. Microprocessor-Based Control:

    • The 460TC Electronic Time Clock utilizes a microprocessor to ensure accurate and reliable timing control for various systems and processes.
    • It is commonly used in water treatment systems to control regeneration cycles and other timed processes.
  2. Digital Display:

    • It typically features a digital display that provides clear and precise information about the timing and status of the system.
    • The display allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of the system settings.


  1. Accurate Timing:

    • Provides accurate and consistent timing control, ensuring that systems operate according to the set schedules and parameters.
  2. Programmable Settings:

    • Allows users to program and customize the timing settings based on specific requirements, offering flexibility and adaptability to various applications.
  3. Battery Backup:

    • May include a battery backup feature that ensures the clock continues to operate even in the event of a power outage, preventing disruption to the scheduled processes.
  4. Easy Installation and Operation:

    • Designed for ease of installation and operation, allowing users to easily set up and manage the timing control for their systems.
  5. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with various systems and equipment, allowing for versatile application in different industries and sectors.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency:

    • Ensures that systems operate according to the set schedules, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Reliability:

    • Provides reliable timing control, ensuring that processes and systems operate smoothly without timing-related issues.
  3. Operational Convenience:

    • The programmable settings and digital display enhance operational convenience, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust the system settings.
  4. Reduced Downtime:

    • The accurate and reliable timing control helps in reducing downtime and disruptions to the system operations.
  5. Cost-Efficiency:

    • By ensuring timely operation of systems and processes, the 460TC Electronic Time Clock contributes to cost efficiency and optimal resource utilization.


  • Commonly used in water treatment systems, including water softeners and filtration systems, to control the timing of regeneration cycles and other processes.
  • Can also be used in other industrial and commercial applications where precise timing control is required.


In conclusion, the 460TC Electronic Time Clock is a modern and reliable timing control solution that offers accurate timing, programmable settings, and operational convenience for various systems and applications. Its advanced features and benefits make it a valuable asset for enhancing the efficiency and reliability of timed processes and operations.

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Pentair Water Filtration

460TC Electronic Time Clock w/ Transfor 460TC Electronic Time Clock with Transformer


  • Replacement Timer
  • Replacement Timer

The 460TC Electronic Time Clock is a versatile and efficient timing control device used in various applications. Below is a detailed description of its applications and the associated benefits:


  1. Water Treatment Systems:

    • Application Details: Used to control the regeneration cycles in water softeners and filtration systems.
    • Benefits: Ensures timely and efficient regeneration, maintaining the effectiveness of the water treatment system and ensuring consistent water quality.
  2. Irrigation Systems:

    • Application Details: Employed to schedule and control irrigation cycles in agricultural and landscaping applications.
    • Benefits: Promotes efficient water use, contributing to water conservation and optimal plant growth.
  3. Lighting Systems:

    • Application Details: Utilized to automate the operation of lighting systems in commercial and residential settings.
    • Benefits: Enhances energy efficiency by ensuring lights operate only when needed, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  4. HVAC Systems:

    • Application Details: Used to schedule and control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
    • Benefits: Ensures optimal indoor climate control while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing energy costs.
  5. Industrial Equipment:

    • Application Details: Controls the operation of various industrial equipment and machinery, ensuring they operate according to the set schedules.
    • Benefits: Enhances operational efficiency, reduces wear and tear on machinery, and minimizes operational costs.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency:

    • The 460TC Electronic Time Clock ensures that various systems and equipment operate according to the set schedules, enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization.
  2. Energy and Cost Savings:

    • By automating the operation of various systems, the time clock contributes to significant energy and cost savings, enhancing the overall cost-efficiency of operations.
  3. Operational Convenience:

    • The user-friendly interface and programmable settings of the 460TC Electronic Time Clock allow for easy operation and customization, enhancing operational convenience and flexibility.
  4. Reliability:

    • Offers reliable timing control, ensuring that systems operate smoothly and effectively without timing-related issues or disruptions.
  5. Reduced Maintenance:

    • Timely operation and control of equipment reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and maintenance issues, contributing to reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

460TC Electronic Time Clock finds diverse applications in various sectors, from water treatment and irrigation to lighting, HVAC, and industrial equipment control. Its advanced features and reliable performance offer numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, energy and cost savings, operational convenience, and reduced maintenance, making it a valuable solution for efficient and effective timing control in various applications.

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