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Introducing the IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro Filtration System

Revolutionary Water Filtration Technology

The IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro, a cutting-edge filtration system, efficient and effective in Removing Sulphur, Iron and toxic Heavy Metals arsenic, radium, uranium, and others. Water treatment for both residential and light commercial applications. This innovative system, equipped with the One™ Water Filtration Simplified cartridge tank, is engineered to surpass traditional cartridge housings in 

Air Injection Oxidation

The AIO (Air Injection Oxidation) process in water filtration systems, such as the IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro, is particularly effective for the removal of iron and sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) from water. This method uses a unique approach to treat these common but challenging water contaminants. Let's delve into how AIO works and its importance:

How AIO Works for Iron and Sulphur Removal

  1. Oxidation Process:

    • Air Injection: In the AIO system, air is injected into the water supply. This air injection initiates the oxidation process.
    • Conversion of Iron and Sulphur: The iron, often in soluble ferrous (Fe2+) form, is oxidized to form ferric (Fe3+) iron, which is insoluble. Similarly, sulfur in the form of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is responsible for the characteristic 'rotten egg' smell, is oxidized into elemental sulfur, which is also insoluble.
  2. Filtration and Removal:

    • Solid Particle Formation: As a result of oxidation, iron and sulfur form small solid particles.
    • Filtration Media: These particles are then trapped by the filtration media within the system.
    • Backwash Cycle: Periodically, the system will initiate a backwash cycle, flushing out the accumulated particles from the filter and thus regenerating the media.

Importance of Iron and Sulphur Removal

  1. Health Considerations:

    • While iron is typically not harmful at the concentrations found in drinking water, it can cause unpleasant taste and staining.
    • Sulfur, particularly hydrogen sulfide, is not usually a health hazard at common concentrations but can make water unpalatable.
  2. Aesthetic and Practical Issues:

    • Staining: Iron can leave reddish-brown stains on fixtures, laundry, and dishes.
    • Smell and Taste: Hydrogen sulfide imparts a foul odor and taste to water, often described as a 'rotten egg' smell.
  3. Plumbing and Appliances:

    • Both iron and sulfur can lead to the build-up of deposits in plumbing, reducing water flow and efficiency.
    • They can also damage water-using appliances and shorten their lifespan.

Advantages of AIO Systems

  • Chemical-Free: AIO systems do not require the addition of chemicals for oxidation, making them environmentally friendly and safe for residential use.
  • Low Maintenance: These systems are designed to be low maintenance, with the primary requirement being the periodic backwash to remove accumulated particles.
  • Effectiveness: AIO is highly effective in reducing iron and sulfur levels, improving both the quality and the aesthetics of the water.


The AIO process in systems like the IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro is a crucial technology for efficiently removing iron and sulfur from water. By improving the quality, taste, and smell of water and protecting plumbing and appliances from damage, these systems play a vital role in maintaining water quality in both residential and light commercial settings.

Advanced Design and Features

The IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro boasts a plethora of features that set it apart:

  • Exceptional Flow Rates and Cartridge Longevity: Designed to yield higher flow rates and extend cartridge life, this system significantly reduces the frequency of cartridge replacements.
  • Tool-Free Assembly: Its unique snap-ring design ensures ease of assembly and installation, requiring no tools.
  • Non-Corrosive, Plastic Design: The 100% plastic construction is a cost-effective and durable alternative to stainless steel systems.
  • Optimal for Pre-Treatment or Post-Treatment: The system ensures high flow rates and particulate loading while minimizing pressure drop.

The residential system includes a black 8x40-inch pressure vessel with a pressure relief cap and 1-1/4" plumbing connections, 1.5 Cubic Foot.

Connected Series Bluetooth Control Valves

A notable feature is the Bluetooth-enabled control valves, allowing users to manage the system via the Legacy View App on both iPhone and Android devices. This app enables users to:

  • View and adjust valve settings.
  • Monitor water usage in real-time and historically.
  • Remotely initiate regeneration or backwash cycles.
  • Access and manage servicing dealer information.
  • Connect to all Legacy View Valves in the system.

The AIO Plus control valve, with its independently programmable air draw and backwash cycles, conserves water by adding an air pocket to the system daily without needing backwash.

Katalox®-Light: Advanced Filtration Media

The system utilizes Katalox®-Light, a high-performance media for reducing sulfide, iron, and manganese. It offers superior removal rates and is effective under a wide range of operating conditions. Developed in Germany, Katalox®-Light is lightweight and provides a higher filtration surface and longer service life than traditional media. It is particularly effective in removing high concentrations of contaminants and is used globally in various applications.

Benefits and Applications

Katalox®-Light, with its high concentration MnO2 coating, enhances the oxidation and co-precipitation of contaminants. It is recommended for use with H2O2 as an oxidizer for high contaminant concentrations. The IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro, with its advanced design and Katalox®-Light media, is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the removal of arsenic, radium, uranium, and other heavy metals.


Key Aspects of the IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro

1. One™ Water Filtration Simplified Cartridge Tank:

  • Innovation: This system integrates the One™ Water Filtration Simplified cartridge tank, a state-of-the-art component.
  • Superiority Over Traditional Systems: It is designed to outperform older cartridge housings, offering greater efficiency in terms of flow rates and filtration effectiveness.

2. Efficiency and Effectiveness:

  • Enhanced Flow Rates: The system allows for a higher volume of water to be processed more quickly than conventional systems.
  • Longer Cartridge Life: The advanced design extends the life of the cartridges, significantly reducing the need for frequent replacements.

3. Versatility in Applications:

  • Residential Use: Ideal for homes, the system provides safe, clean water by removing common contaminants.
  • Light Commercial Use: Suitable for businesses and small-scale commercial settings, where reliable water quality is essential.

4. Advanced Filtration Capabilities with Katalox®-Light:

  • Broad Spectrum Contaminant Removal: Katalox®-Light is a highly efficient medium used in this system, known for its ability to remove a wide range of contaminants including arsenic, radium, uranium, and other heavy metals.
  • Innovative Composition: The media is engineered with a unique MnO2 coating technique on ZEOSORB®, enhancing its filtration capability.
  • Effectiveness Against Heavy Metals: Katalox®-Light is especially effective in removing high concentrations of heavy metals, a crucial aspect in ensuring water safety and compliance with health standards.

Redefining Water Treatment Standards

1. Technology Integration:

  • The IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro incorporates advanced technology such as Bluetooth connectivity for easy monitoring and control, representing a significant leap from traditional systems.

2. Environmental and Economic Impact:

  • Water Conservation: Features like programmable air draw and backwash cycles aid in conserving water, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The system's longer cartridge life and reduced maintenance needs make it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

3. User-Friendly Design:

  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: The snap-ring design and tool-free assembly significantly simplify the installation and maintenance process, making it accessible for both professionals and laypersons.

The IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro Filtration System is a game-changer in water filtration, offering unmatched efficiency, ease of use, and performance. Its innovative design, coupled with advanced technology and the Katalox®-Light filtration media, makes it a top choice for both residential and light commercial water treatment needs.


Heavy Metals

The removal of heavy metals from water is critically important for both environmental and public health reasons. Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, uranium, and cadmium are highly toxic and can cause severe health issues even at low concentrations. Here’s a detailed look at why the removal of these contaminants is crucial:

Health Impacts of Heavy Metals

  1. Arsenic: Long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking water can lead to skin lesions, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. It's particularly dangerous because it's a silent killer; its effects often don’t become apparent until years after exposure.

  2. Lead: Lead contamination can severely affect the mental and physical development of children. In adults, it can cause kidney damage and high blood pressure. There is no safe level of lead exposure, making its removal from water supplies essential.

  3. Mercury: Mercury exposure can adversely affect the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, and can be fatal. It's particularly harmful to fetal development, making pregnant women highly vulnerable to its effects.

  4. Uranium: Although less toxic than other heavy metals, uranium exposure can lead to kidney damage due to its radioactive properties. It can also lead to an increased risk of cancer, especially in the bones or liver.

  5. Cadmium: Long-term exposure to cadmium can lead to bone demineralization, either directly or indirectly through renal dysfunction. It is also classified as a human carcinogen.

Environmental Considerations

  • Bioaccumulation: Heavy metals can accumulate in the bodies of water organisms, leading to bioaccumulation. When these organisms are consumed by other animals or humans, these metals enter the food chain, posing health risks to all organisms involved.
  • Ecosystem Damage: Heavy metals can disrupt aquatic ecosystems by affecting the reproduction and growth of aquatic life. This can lead to a decline in biodiversity and the disruption of food webs.

Economic and Social Implications

  • Treatment Costs: The health effects of heavy metal exposure can lead to increased healthcare costs. Moreover, cleaning up contaminated water sources is often expensive.
  • Social Impact: Communities affected by heavy metal contamination often face social and economic challenges, including loss of income from fishing or agriculture, and increased medical expenses.

The removal of heavy metals from water sources is vital to ensure safe drinking water and to protect ecosystems. Advanced water filtration systems, like the IronSulphur SpaceSaver Pro, play a crucial role in addressing these challenges by effectively reducing the levels of these dangerous contaminants. By ensuring clean and safe water, such systems contribute significantly to public health and environmental sustainability.



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