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 All In One Whole House Water Treatment System

Connected Series Softeners

The Nelsen Connected Series of softeners features simple set up through a Bluetooth® App. The fully adjustable 5-cycle meter control is 12v DC operation and has the ability for treated water refill with pre-brine option. Additional features include...
  • Programming ease and options increase efficiency, save salt and water
  • Strong, durable Noryl® valve body with weather and insect resistant one-piece slide cover
  • Proprietary two valve bypass with 3/4" and 1" Connections
  • 9V battery back-up
  • Will advance to a drain line shut off position (service) if power fails during regeneration
  • Switched Power Output during:
    Full Cycle Function
    Backwash Function
  • Limited 7 year warranty
The Legacy View App makes setting up and monitoring your Nelsen Connected Series system easier than ever. A free download of the phone app is available for your iPhone or Android™ device! 

With Legacy View as part of the Control Valve, the user can perform the following functions:
  • Conveniently view all valve settings and status
  • Easily change valve settings
  • View current water usage information
  • Graphically view water usage history
  • Start a regeneration or backwash cycle from your phone or tablet
  • Set/view the servicing water treatment dealer information
  • Better understand how the system is working and understand what settings are for
  • Connect to all of the valves in the home (if they are all Legacy View Valves)
  • The systems include by-pass valve, black polyglass mineral tank and all necessary media and support bed for individual application. 

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     DESTROY 99.9% of HARMFUL MICROORGANISMS Add Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection

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