Iron Out  All In One Water Softener Solutions 32K Grains

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Whole House Water Treatment System

Connected Series Softeners

The Nelsen Connected Series of softeners features simple set up through a Bluetooth® App. The fully adjustable 5-cycle meter control is 12v DC operation and has the ability for treated water refill with pre-brine option. Additional features include...
  • Programming ease and options increase efficiency, save salt and water
  • Strong, durable Noryl® valve body with weather and insect resistant one-piece slide cover
  • Proprietary two valve bypass with 3/4" and 1" Connections
  • 9V battery back-up
  • Will advance to a drain line shut off position (service) if power fails during regeneration
  • Switched Power Output during:
    Full Cycle Function
    Backwash Function
  • Limited 7 year warranty
The Legacy View App makes setting up and monitoring your Nelsen Connected Series system easier than ever. A free download of the phone app is available for your iPhone or Android™ device!

With Legacy View as part of the Control Valve, the user can perform the following functions:
  • Conveniently view all valve settings and status
  • Easily change valve settings
  • View current water usage information
  • Graphically view water usage history
  • Start a regeneration or backwash cycle from your phone or tablet
  • Set/view the servicing water treatment dealer information
  • Better understand how the system is working and understand what settings are for
  • Connect to all of the valves in the home (if they are all Legacy View Valves)
  • The systems include by-pass valve, black polyglass mineral tank and all necessary media and support bed for individual application.

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    DESTROY 99.9% of HARMFUL MICROORGANISMS Add Viqua UV Light for Water Disinfection

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    GIovanni R.
    Easy Installation

    I just installed this water softener a couple days ago, and so far so good! the installation and programming were easy and even a non-computer person like me didn't have any trouble.

    Marcus M.
    xcellent Quality

    I have grown up with nothing but these products in my home as a kid and some of those products are still working to this day!

    Jessice H.
    Excellent water softener

    Easy to use controls and produces great soft water.

    Robert L.
    Excellent water softener

    Was easy to install, works great, and has minimal maintenance issues.

    Ashley K.
    Works perfectly!

    This water softener was easy for BF to install and has worked great since day one. Our water is super soft. Highly recommend to anyone!

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