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FluorideRemovalPlus: The Ultimate Residential Filtration System

A Breakthrough in Water Filtration

FluorideRemovalPlus is a groundbreaking residential water filtration system designed to address a wide range of contaminants, including fluoride, which is a major concern for many households. This innovative system is an all-encompassing solution, providing clean, safe, and high-quality water for the entire home.

Advanced Design and Features

the NFS-HF Residential/Light Commercial (Lt. Comm.) Cartridge Tank System, is a key component of this innovative water treatment solution. Here are detailed insights into its features and functionalities:

  1. Complete Cartridge Tank System: The system is a comprehensive solution that includes all necessary components for effective water filtration. This integrated approach ensures that users have everything they need for installation and operation without the need for additional purchases.

  2. Black 8x40 Inch Pressure Vessel: The heart of the system is the pressure vessel, which is designed to withstand the pressures typically encountered in residential water systems. The 8x40 inch size indicates its capacity, which is substantial for residential applications. The black color of the vessel may also contribute to UV protection, reducing the risk of algae growth if exposed to sunlight.

  3. Pressure Relief Cap: Safety is a paramount concern in any pressurized system. The pressure relief cap is a critical safety feature that prevents excessive pressure buildup within the tank. This not only protects the system from potential damage but also ensures the safety of the household.

  4. 1-1/4" Plumbing Connections at the Bottom: The system features 1-1/4" plumbing connections configured at the bottom of the housing. This size is suitable for the flow rates required in residential settings and ensures compatibility with standard plumbing fixtures. The bottom configuration of these connections facilitates easier installation and maintenance, as well as better sediment drainage and stability of the unit.

  5. Designed for Residential and Light Commercial Applications: The NFS-HF system is versatile enough to be used in both residential homes and light commercial settings. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for small businesses, cafes, or offices that require high-quality water filtration.

  6. Compatibility with Various Filtration Media: The cartridge tank system is designed to be compatible with a wide range of filtration media. This allows users to customize the filtration process according to their specific water quality needs, whether it's for removing sediments, reducing chlorine, or filtering out specific contaminants like fluoride or heavy metals.

  7. User-Friendly Maintenance: The cartridge-based system simplifies maintenance. Cartridges can be easily replaced without the need for special tools or professional help, making the system user-friendly for homeowners and small business operators.

  8. High Flow Rates and Long Cartridge Life: One of the significant advantages of this system is its ability to provide higher flow rates compared to conventional smaller cartridge systems. Additionally, the cartridges have a longer life, reducing the frequency of replacements and thereby offering cost savings in the long run.

  9. Robust and Durable Construction: The construction of the NFS-HF system is robust and designed to last. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the system can withstand regular use and varying water conditions without compromising its performance or integrity.

At the heart of FluorideRemovalPlus is the state-of-the-art Nelsen Filtration Cartridge Systems, featuring the One™ Water Filtration Simplified Cartridge tank. This system is engineered to outperform smaller cartridge-style housings, offering higher flow rates and a longer cartridge life than conventional systems. It’s capable of filtering various contaminants, from taste and odor issues to sediment and fine particulate matter.

User-Friendly Installation and Maintenance

The system includes an integrated bypass with industry-standard threaded fitting kit connections, allowing for easy shutoff of water to the system while maintaining water usage. It features 1" MNPT elbow or straight connectors to the bypass and does not require any gluing, simplifying the installation process. Each system is also equipped with an Umbrella Cap® and a 3/8" fitting with an integrated shut-off on the inlet side, facilitating rapid tubing connections for draining sediment and water during filter changeouts.

Revolutionary Filtration Media: ATOMUS® MD1

A key component of FluorideRemovalPlus is the ATOMUS® MD1, a proprietary filtration media designed for simultaneous oxidation and adsorption of organic and inorganic contaminants, including heavy metals. This solid-state oxidizing agent is non-toxic and does not add residuals to the water stream or create harmful disinfectant byproducts. It's NSF/ANSI 61 certified, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Extensive Contaminant Removal

FluorideRemovalPlus is capable of removing an extensive range of contaminants including radium, phosphate, silica, lead, uranium, chromium, copper, zinc, arsenic, Legionella, iron bacteria, and more. It also effectively addresses hydrogen sulfide, color, tannins, and total organic carbon (TOC).

Key Benefits

  • Extended Service Life: High flow rates and capacity for contaminant removal.
  • Simplified System: Eliminates the need for additional oxidation agents or regeneration processes.
  • No Backwashing Required:  
  • Wide pH Range: Operates effectively in a pH range of 5.5–9.5.

Suitable Applications

FluorideRemovalPlus is ideal for residential use, as well as for food and beverage industries, commercial/industrial POE, wastewater treatment, process water, and small systems.

What's Included

  • Big Blue 20" OreFilter.
  • Nelsen Dirt Cartridge, 20", 5 Micron, Spun Polypropylene Big Blue.

FluorideRemovalPlus system is a breakthrough in residential water filtration, offering a unique and innovative solution to water purification. This system distinguishes itself with several advanced features:

  1. Integrated Design with Bypass Option: The system's integrated design features an industry-standard threaded fitting kit, allowing for water shut-off to the system while maintaining water usage. This bypass is a significant upgrade from the traditional systems, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

  2. Easy Connection without Gluing: The system includes 1" MNPT elbow or straight connectors, simplifying the connection process to the bypass without the need for gluing. This feature ensures a hassle-free installation and maintenance process.

  3. Umbrella Cap® and Rapid Tubing Connection: Each system comes with an Umbrella Cap®, a 3/8" fitting, and an integrated shut-off on the inlet side. These components allow for quick tubing connections, facilitating the drainage of sediment and water during filter changeouts.

  4. Alternative to Traditional Connection Systems: The FluorideRemovalPlus system offers an alternative to the 1 ¼” female glue socket connection, previously the standard in Cartridge Tank® systems. This new connection is compatible with all current Point-of-Entry (POE) systems.

  5. Nelsen Filtration Cartridge Systems: Featuring the revolutionary One™ Water Filtration Simplified cartridge tank, this system is engineered to outperform smaller cartridge housings by providing higher flow rates and longer cartridge life. It is adept at filtering a range of contaminants, including taste, odor, sediment, and fine particulates.

  6. 100% Non-Metallic Construction with Patented Design: The system boasts a 100% non-metallic build and a patented snap-ring design requiring no tools for assembly or maintenance. This feature underscores its user-friendly nature and durability.

  7. Versatile Applications: The system is suitable for residential use, light commercial applications, and even food service, rental fleets, and industrial scenarios. It effectively handles make-up water, RO pre-filtration, and a variety of other uses.

  8. ATOMUS® MD1 Oxidation & Adsorption Removal Cartridge: This proprietary filtration media offers a novel approach to removing organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as heavy metals, without adding harmful byproducts to the water. Unlike conventional oxidizing agents, ATOMUS® MD1 is solid-state and non-toxic, eliminating the need for backwashing or chemical regeneration.

  9. System Configuration: The residential system includes a black 8x40 inch pressure vessel, pressure relief cap, and 1-1/4" plumbing connections, ensuring robust performance and reliability.

  10. Broad Contaminant Removal Capability: The system is proficient in removing a wide array of contaminants, including radium, phosphate, silica, lead, uranium, chromium, copper, zinc, arsenic, and fluoride, among others.

  11. Extended Service Life and High Flow Rates: The design of the system ensures an extended service life with high flow rates and effective contaminant removal, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications.

  12. Additional Features: The system is NSF/ANSI 61 certified, ensuring its suitability for drinking water use. It also has an impressive pH range tolerance and imparts no odor, taste, or color to the water.


  1. Lightweight and Cost-Effective Housing: The system's housing is not only lightweight but also cost-effective, making it an attractive option for users. Its high chemical compatibility enhances its durability and suitability for various water types.

  2. Simple Cartridge Change-Out: The system emphasizes ease of maintenance with its 'No Tools, Means NO TOOLS!' approach for cartridge replacement. This user-friendly feature is especially beneficial for residential users who prefer straightforward, tool-free maintenance.

  3. Matched Filtration Solution to Flow Rate Requirements: The system is designed to align its filtration capabilities with specific flow rate requirements, ensuring optimal performance in various settings, from homes to light commercial environments.

  4. Low Pressure Drop for High Flow: One of the key advantages of the FluorideRemovalPlus system is its low pressure drop, which translates into high flow rates. This feature is critical for ensuring efficient water filtration without compromising on water pressure.

  5. Diverse Industrial Applications: The system's versatility extends to numerous industrial applications, including cooling towers, chill water loops, metal finishing, and process water treatment for turbidity, particulate, and colloidal suspensions.

  6. Taste and Odor Improvement: Beyond removing harmful contaminants, the system also improves the taste and odor of potable drinking water. This makes it a suitable replacement for pitcher, faucet, bottled water, and refrigerator filters in city water applications.

  7. Environmental Considerations: The FluorideRemovalPlus system is designed with environmental responsibility in mind. The powdered ATOMUS® MD1 media, for instance, requires no backwash, reducing water waste. Furthermore, the media's non-leachable bond prevents contamination desorption, ensuring environmental safety even in landfill conditions.

  8. Effective Against a Wide Range of Contaminants: The system is remarkably effective against a diverse range of contaminants, including hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, and bacteria. This broad-spectrum effectiveness makes it an ideal solution for various water purification needs.

  9. Compliance and Certifications: Ensuring compliance with state and local laws and regulations, the system is also NSF/ANSI 61 certified, attesting to its safety and effectiveness for drinking water applications.

  10. Advanced Media Features: The ATOMUS® MD1 media boasts impressive specifications like a high surface area (> 360 m2/g), varied mesh sizes for powder and granule forms, and a substantial total pore volume (0.5–0.55 cm3/g). These features contribute to the media's high efficiency and efficacy in water treatment.

  11. Physical and Operational Specifications: The system's physical form as dry granular media and its hydrophobic adsorption mechanism contribute to its effectiveness. Operational specifications like a surface loading rate of up to 13 gpm/ft2 and a service flow rate of less than 7.5 gpm/ft3 further underline its performance capabilities.

  12. System Warnings and Cautions: Users are advised not to use the system with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection. Protection against freezing is also recommended to prevent cracking of the filter and potential water leakage.

  13. Inclusion of Additional Components: The system includes components like the Big Blue 20" OreFilter and the Nelsen Dirt Cartridge 20" 5 Micron Spun Polypropylene Big Blue, enhancing its overall filtration capability.


The FluorideRemovalPlus system is designed to address a wide spectrum of water contaminants, making it a comprehensive solution for various water quality issues. Let's delve deeper into how it effectively handles each of these contaminants:

ChatGFluorideRemovalPlus system is designed to address a wide spectrum of water contaminants, making it a comprehensive solution for various water quality issues. Let's delve deeper into how it effectively handles each of these contaminants:
  1. Pre/post-filtration: This refers to the system's ability to function both at the beginning (pre-filtration) and end (post-filtration) of the water treatment process. It effectively removes larger particles and sediments before and fine particulates after the primary treatment, ensuring thorough water purification.

  2. Hydrogen Sulfide Removal: Hydrogen sulfide, known for its 'rotten egg' smell, can be naturally present in water. The system effectively eliminates this contaminant, thereby improving both the smell and taste of the water.

  3. Color/Tannin/Organics: Tannins, often responsible for color and taste issues in water, are organic matter from decomposed vegetation. The system's advanced filtration media can remove these along with other organic compounds, ensuring clear, clean water.

  4. Total Organic Carbon (TOC): TOC is a measure of organic compounds in water. The system effectively reduces TOC levels, which is important for both aesthetic reasons and to reduce potential disinfection byproduct formation in treated water.

  5. Iron and Manganese: These metals can cause staining and impart a metallic taste to water. The system is capable of removing both dissolved iron and manganese, thereby preventing staining and improving water taste.

  6. Radium, Phosphate, and Silica: Radium can be a health hazard, while high levels of phosphate can lead to scale formation, and silica can cause scaling and cloudiness. The system effectively reduces these contaminants.

  7. Lead and Uranium: These are serious health hazards when present in drinking water. The system's capacity to filter out lead and uranium is crucial for ensuring safe drinking water.

  8. Chromium, Copper, and Zinc: These metals, while essential in trace amounts, can be toxic at higher concentrations. The system effectively balances their levels in the water.

  9. Arsenic: A well-known toxic element, arsenic in water can have serious health implications. The FluorideRemovalPlus system's ability to remove arsenic is a key feature for ensuring water safety.

  10. Legionella and Iron Bacteria: These bacteria can be harmful and cause various health issues. The system's filtration process is designed to target and eliminate these bacterial contaminants.

  11. Fluoride: While fluoride is added to many water supplies for dental health, some users prefer to remove it due to health concerns or personal preference. The system offers effective fluoride removal capabilities.


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