Iron And Sulfur AIO Water Treatment System For Submersible Pump Wells

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 Iron And Sulfur AIO Water Treatment System For Submersible Pump Wells

Introducing the Terminator

 Your Ultimate Solution to Well Water Iron Stains! Our advanced Iron Stain Prevention Filter System is meticulously engineered to protect your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures from stubborn iron stains. Ideal for well water applications, the Terminator not only eradicates existing stains but also prevents future occurrences, ensuring your water is clean and clear. Easy to install and low on maintenance, this system is your hassle-free shield against iron-related issues, safeguarding your home and enhancing your water quality. Say goodbye to iron stains and hello to pristine water with the Terminator!


Terminator Water Treatment System for Submersible Well Pumps:

1. Purpose & Functionality:

  • Target Issue: Iron stains and possibly other well water contaminants.
  • Prevention & Treatment: Designed to both prevent and treat iron stains, ensuring clean, clear water.

2. Compatibility:

  • Submersible Pump Application: Exclusively designed to work with submersible well pumps, which are positioned inside the well to push water to the surface.

3. Key Components & Process:

  • Pre-Filtration: This may involve a pre-filtration stage to remove larger contaminants and sediments.
  • Iron Filtration: Utilizes a specialized filter or media to specifically target and remove iron from the water, preventing stains on appliances and fixtures.
  • Post-Filtration: Additional filtration stages might be present to address other water quality issues, such as microbial contaminants, hardness, or other dissolved solids.

4. User-Friendly Design:

  • Easy Installation: Likely designed for straightforward installation, possibly with DIY capabilities or through a professional service.
  • Low Maintenance: Engineered to require minimal ongoing maintenance, providing hassle-free operation.

5. Benefits:

  • Protection: Safeguard plumbing, appliances, and fixtures from iron staining and potential damage.
  • Improved Water Quality: Enhances the overall quality of the well water, making it safer and more pleasant for use.
  • Preventive & Reactive: Works to prevent new iron stains while also addressing existing water quality issues.

6. Applications:

  • Residential: Ideal for homes using well water, ensuring a consistent supply of clean, iron-free water.
  • Commercial: Suitable for commercial applications where well water is utilized and high-quality water is essential.


Submersible Pump Type Only

The Terminator systems only work with a submersible pump.

Do not use it if you have an above-ground jet or booster pump.


Item #: T1000-PLUS


=Terminator Plus Fltr Sys, 1 CF Terminator Plus Filter System, 1 Cubic Foot
  • 1mineral tank
  •  air precipitation tank with 3/4" in and out head with mixer and air bleeder
  • Air injector ( Venturi )
  • Fleck 2510 auto backwash filter valve
  • Stainless steel bypass valve
  • Two cubic feet of brim media with support gravel.
  • The system does not come loaded do to shipping weight restrictions
  • Media funnel to add gravel and firm during installation of the system.
  • The system requires a 7 GPM backwash rate to operate properly.
  • The system is great for homes with 1 - 4 bathrooms.

    Excessive iron issues in your water are typically characterized by the ugly red or brown colored staining in your plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, and laundry.

    With well water, iron typically occurs in a ferrous state. That means, the flowing water typically looks clear.

    However, once the water is exposed to the air, the iron transforms into a ferric/ oxidized state. The clear water will turn red or brown and insoluble “rust” type material will form.

    Iron staining can be easily caused by as low as only 0.3 milligrams per liter (mg/L).

    Depending on the iron content concentration, we have several solutions to this ugly and aggravating water problem.

    A quality iron filter will filter out this excessive iron content.


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